This is a view of the project and the placement of the two driveways that are on on Kanan Road. There are close-up depictions of the driveways and their impacts upon traffic below. 


The northmost West Village driveway allows left-hand turns against southbound Kanan Rd traffic for entering and exiting vehicles. See close-up depiction below. 

The southmost West Village driveway also causes vehicles to cross northbound Kanan as it forces all vehicles exiting the project to turn left at Cornell in order to get back to Agoura Rd. See close-up depiction below

West Village Kanan PRISMM


This driveway lies just south of the intersection of Kanan and Agoura Rds. It will allow left-hand turns against oncoming southbound traffic on Kanan Road for vehicles both entering and exiting the driveway.

West Village Kanan Traffic


This West Village southmost driveway allows only right turns in and out which means that, in order to ultimately go north, vehicles will have to travel south and make a left against oncoming northbound Kanan Road traffic at Cornell Road and then double-back. This will cause additional traffic delays on already congested Kanan Road. 

This assumes that the "right-turn only" will be upheld and illegal left turns aren't made from and into this driveway.

If there is only a painted median on the pavement, illegal left turns are a possibility. If this occurs, this driveway could create the same traffic obstruction as the northmost driveway, depicted above. 

WV Project Site Plan.png


This is West Village's original Project Site Plan graphic. We have altered it on this page in order to show driveways and traffic patterns.