Say Goodbye to the Pumpkin Patch and the Christmas Tree Lot

The southwest corner of Kanan and Agoura Roads has served as "the Christmas Tree Lot" and "the Pumpkin Patch" for many years. The site currently sits vacant, but for the red and black "For Lease" sign.

The project planned for this location is called

"The West Village".

Project description from the City of Agoura Hills website

Driveway allows entrance and exit left hand turns across south bound Kanan Road traffic, just south of the already overwhelmed intersection of Kanan & Agoura Road. For more on traffic

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How will this affect traffic safety
on our main evacuation route,
Kanan Road? 

In the 8/6/20 edition of the Acorn, West Village developer Ted Snyder states, “We’re cognizant of the traffic issues and the concerns with respect to the traffic congestion (at the intersection) but we feel that our project has the design and appropriate size and exits to not impact traffic.”

The northmost Kanan driveway from this project exists across oncoming southbound Kanan Road traffic, just south of the intersection of Kanan & Agoura Rds. Westbound left hand turns across the same uncontrolled lanes into the project will be allowed, as well. This intersection is already heavily congested and has been the object of major concern for years.  

The developer is surely cognizant of the traffic issues and concerns at that intersection. Everyone is. Whether he truly believes or cares that his project is sure to cause significant problems there is another question altogether.