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Kanan Road Pumpkin Patch PRISMM
West Village PRISMM

Say Goodbye to the Pumpkin Patch and the Christmas Tree Lot

The southwest corner of Kanan and Agoura Roads has served as "the Christmas Tree Lot" and "the Pumpkin Patch" for many years. The site currently sits vacant, but for the red and black "For Lease" sign.

The project planned for this location is CURRENTLY * called

"The West Village".

Pumpkin Patch PRISMM
West Village artist's rendering PRISMM
West Village PRISMM Kanan

**The West Village is less than half the size of the AVE project, directly across the street, however, it's impact on Kanan Road TRAFFIC promises to be far worse.

Here's why.

Project description from the City of Agoura Hills website says 78 apartment units

Project description from the project's architect says 107 apartment units


Project's LONG TERM, TRUE description on *DEVELOPER's website

"The West Village" is actually only Phase One of the 35 Acre

"Agoura Town Center". 

See Below. 

West Village Site Plan PRISMM

The project's northmost driveway allows entrance and exit left hand turns across southbound Kanan Road traffic, just south of the already overwhelmed intersection of Kanan & Agoura Road. 

The project's southmost driveway is right turn in and out only. 


For more on traffic...

For information re elevations of commericial buildings, click here.

For details re residential building elevations and parking, click here. 

Below is a graphic from the West Village's *developer's website (link, above) depicting the "AGOURA TOWN CENTER", the 35 acre completed version of the "The West Village". Be sure to read the caption below the graphic, copied/pasted from the developer's website, as well. 

West Village Town Center
Agoura Town Center text PRISMM


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