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The City of Agoura Hills has extensive plans to commercialize the intersection of Kanan and Agoura Roads as the“Gateway to the Santa Monica Mountains” with two upcoming developments. The AVE, an 18.45 acre development that includes 3, 3 story buildings, 118 residences, subterranean parking and a 3-story hotel is planned for the southeast corner.  On the opposite corner, plans for The West Village are now available for public view. This development is less than half the size of the AVE but will create far more traffic problems at the intersection of Kanan & Agoura Rds. See tabs above for more details about each project. 


The act of permanently altering the efficient function of this critical intersection for the sole benefit of the City of Agoura Hills comes with a highly elevated responsibility that the City insure that the exploitation of this important entrance to the Santa Monica Mountains does not imperil the wild lands and residents that lie beyond. 

 The City and potential developers bear the utmost obligation to be duly diligent to give safety matters the highest priority.  



  • Kanan Road Will Never Be Widened

    • The LA County North Area plan states that Kanan Road will not be widened.


  • The Intersection at Kanan and Agoura Roads is Already Badly Burdened

    • Current congestion creates gridlock that stretches miles south.


  • Every traffic report submitted to the City by developers is was conducted mid-week and in the off season.

    • These reports deliberately deny the reality of seasonal beach traffic. 

  • Wildfires Here Are No Longer Hypothetical​

    • Wildfires are the new normal.

    • Every new bloom, every remaining tree and building are fuel for the next fire. 

  • No Other Local Artery Through The Mountains Has Been Exploited To The Detriment Of All That Lies Beyond

    •  These communities have not opted to cash in at the expense of the communities served by gateway roadways. 

      • Beverly Glen at Ventura Blvd, flanked by Pulse Fitness and Fatburger.
      • Coldwater Cyn at Ventura Blvd, flanked by Wells Fargo Bank and Ralphs Market

      • Laurel Cyn at Ventura Blvd, flanked by First Republic Bank and a strip mall

      • Las Virgenes Rd at Agoura Rd, Jack-in-the Box and a strip mall

      • Topanga Cyn at Ventura Blvd. Citibank and Ralph's Fuel Center with Floyd's Barber Shop

      • Westlake Blvd at Agoura Rd - a Methodist church and residential. 


Below, KANAN ROAD is a LIFELINE in a disaster. It is the only way out of this section of the Santa Monica Mountains. The City of Agoura Hills is building Agoura Village at the intersection of Kanan and Agoura Roads, which every vehicle evacuating north from the mountains to the safety of the 101 Freeway must pass through.