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Interesting information on the website of Symphony Development, developers of the 7 acre West Village Project, currently submitted to the City of Agoura Hills for consideration for the southwest corner of Kanan and Agoura Roads. What their two neighborly zoom Community Forums did not disclose that their website does, is the fact that this "West Village" is simply "phase one" of the ultimately 35 acre "AGOURA TOWN CENTER" planned for that site.

Interesting, on a few counts.

First, Symphony Development neglected to tell us that The West Village ultimately isn't going to be 7 acres. Phase One will be 7 acres. Before it's finished, however, it will be 5 x 7 = 35 acres.

The name should be Agoura Hills Town Center. 

It's being built in the City of Agoura Hills and its revenues will serve the City of Agoura Hills. It has nothing to do with unincorporated Agoura.  It will be of no benefit, whatsoever, to unincorporated Agoura. In fact, it will force residents of unincorporated Agoura to see the backend of this 5-story building every time they travel north on Kanan Road. It will mercilessly jam traffic on Kanan Road and endanger the residents of unincorporated Agoura by irresponsibly occluding traffic with recklessly designed driveways that allow lefthand turns in and out against Kanan Road traffic, just south of the critical intersection of Kanan and Agoura Roads. All it will do for unincorporated Agoura is, apparently, subject them to years of construction and compromise the viability of their singular evacuation route, Kanan Road

To be fair, the project does a disservice to more communities that just the community of Agoura, however, Symphony Development did not name the town center after all of them.  

West Village Town Center PRISMM

Heading 2

Agoura Town Center text from developer's site
Agoura Town Center from developer's site
Agoura Town Center from dev's site


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