The 18.45 acre AVE Project is planned for the southeast corner of Kanan and Agoura Roads. It will include three, 3-story, 45 foot tall buildings, two of which will be on Agoura Road and will block the view of Ladyface Mountain, plus a 3-story hotel. Also included will be office space, retail, restaurants, 118 residences and underground parking.

AVE will have an enormous impact on 

Kanan Road traffic. Click here for more

about that. 

The AVE Project is planned for the southeast corner of Kanan & Agoura Roads. This view is looking south on Kanan. Structure at far right is the 45 foot tall, 3-story hotel which will completely block the view of the protected knoll, directly behind it.  For more info about how the AVE Project has been allowed to disregard the tenets of the Agoura Village Specific Plan with regard to viewshed, 

How High Is 45 Feet?

 Poles in photos are 40 feet high.

The 45 foot roof peaks will be staggered. For a close-up view of how this illustration was created, 

AVE's 3-story shops lining Agoura Rd will obstruct views

of Ladyface Mt. 

This     will block      this

One of two 3-story, 45 foot high buildings (peaks staggered) that will line Agoura Rd. Retail shops are located on the bottom with two floors of residences, above. Notice no setbacks and angled street parking in front.

Overview of 18.45 acre AVE Development. North is at top of photo.  


To  see the slideshow presentation provided at the public forum, click here.