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PRISMM is a group of residents advocating for reasonable and appropriate development in the Santa Monica Mountains. PRISMM initially formed to support another organization, STACK, as they pursued a lawsuit against the City of Agoura Hills and the developer of the CORNERSTONE Project, which was approved without community input and went far beyond the scope of the community-approved Agoura Village Specific Plan. This was a critical suit because Cornerstone was just the first - and by far the smallest - development planned for Agoura Village.  STACK and the  California Native Plant Society prevailed in the lawsuit, and the developer will be required to conduct an EIR.  See here for the current status on Cornerstone. 

PRISMM is now concerning itself with two more enormous projects that are planned for Agoura Village. One is

The West Village, planned for the southwest side of the intersection of Agoura and Kanan Roads, and the other is The AVE Project, planned for the southeast side of the same intersection. 

PRISMM is not anti-development, but believes that responsible development can accomplish the creation of revenue needed by the City of Agoura Hills without destroying the environment, the lifestyles and safety of the residents in the unincorporated area south of the City.



PRISMM Community Activists
Community Activism in Agoura Hills, CA
Agoura Hills Cornerstone Project
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