PRISMM is a 501C3 non-profit organization. We are a regional group of citizens advocating for reasonable and appropriate development in the Santa Monica Mountains, educating our neighbors and protecting the viability of our primary evacuation route, Kanan Road. 

Did you know that the vulnerable Santa Monica Mountain wildlands share the same VHFHSZ as the southern portion of the City of Agoura Hills?  The ONLY thing that separates them is the border between the City and the unincorporated County area which in reality is nothing more than an imaginary line. 

KANAN ROAD is a LIFELINE during disaster. It's the singular evacuation route for specific sections of the Santa Monica Mountains and Malibu. 

The City of Agoura Hills is building Agoura Village at the mouth of this evacuation route, at the intersection of Kanan and Agoura Roads.

Every vehicle evacuating north on Kanan Road, in an attempt to reach the 101 Freeway, must cross this critical intersection to reach safety.

Currently, without development on these two sites, this intersection is often overwhelmed. Is safe and swift evacuation on Kanan Road a reasonable expectation upon completion of Agoura Village?

Now, due to State-mandated, high density housing, the City is proposing over 60 acres of high density housing for the VHFHSZ in the southmost part of the city, just yards from its border. The City has no where else to build this housing. 




Our mission is to protect the Santa Monica Mountains and our primary evacuation route, Kanan Road, by advocating against excessive development that impacts the environment, open space, habitat and welfare of our surrounding communities. 

Our goal is to insure the safety of all area residents, giving them a voice by providing information, analysis and legal action when their input is ignored.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

Our goals are in keeping with the SANTA MONICA MOUNTAINS CONSERVANCY ACT,

as described in sections 33000 - 33010 of the California Public Resources Code

California Code, Public Resources Code - PRC § 33000 This division shall be known as and may be cited as the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Act.

California Code, Public Resources Code - PRC § 33001 The Legislature hereby finds and declares that the Santa Monica Mountains Zone, as defined in Section 33105 , is a unique and valuable economic, environmental, agricultural, scientific, educational, and recreational resource that should be held in trust for present and future generations; that, as the last large undeveloped area contiguous to the shoreline within the greater Los Angeles metropolitan region, comprised of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, it provides essential relief from the urban environment; that it exists as a single ecosystem in which changes that affect one part may also affect all other parts; and that the preservation and protection of this resource is in the public interest.